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Dinner Time cover

Dinner Time

6 animals, including a Gorilla, Tiger and Shark, pop out at you in vibrant colours in that teaches young children about the food chain in this chiling tale.

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LIttle Monsters cover

Little Monsters

A succession of monsters, each more grotesque than the last, jump out at you in this brightly coloured pop-up that's sure to engage any small child.

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The First Nöel

Jan has created a pop-up Nativity book, reflecting the wonder of Christmas. It unfolds to create a traditional carousel, with each spread a snowy-white, cut-paper scene springing out from the background.

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The Animals Went in Two by Two

The animals went in two by two, Hoorah! Hoorah! We know why they went in (to get out of the rain!), but this funny pop-up version of the traditional nursery rhyme has a few surprises in store.

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The king is coming for lunch. Since he's a hungry lion, it's time to make pizza, pronto! With flaps to open and tabs to pull, this tasty pop-up is truly a movable feast!

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Haunted House

The owner of the Haunted House is not well - and it is not surprising. There's a ghoul in the cupboard, an octopus in the sink, a crocodile in the bath, and in every room, a sinister black cat is watching it all with roving eyes.

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