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In the Beginning - Best loved bible stories for Children

In his distinctive bold colour and graphic style, artist Jan Pienkowski has created an extraordinary collection of Old Testament Bible Stories for very young children.

These great stories, edited by David Walser from the King James' version of the bible, make a simple text that is clear and rhythmic. Combined with full-colour illustrations throughout, the stories of Noah, Joseph and many more are brought to life in an unforgettable way.

Pienkowski is a genius - He can do fabulously delicate silhouettes and he can do big, bold and colourful....the result is a humorous unsqueamish presentation of Old Testament stories for very young children.
Boyd Tonkin - Independent

Pienkowski uses the traditional language of the Old Testament for stories such as the Tower of Babel and Joseph and his coat of many colours, matching this with his vivd 'Meg and Mog' style in-your-face illustrations. A real meeting of old and new.
Pet O'Connell - Evening Echo


In the Beginning coverFormat: Hardcover
Publisher: Walker
Dimensions: 290 x 260 x 220mm
Pages: 112
Retail Price: £12.99




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