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The Glass Mountain: Tales from Poland

In this brand new collaboration with David Walser, Jan Pieńkowski breathes new life into the tales of his homeland with vibrant and witty illustrations.

Polish fairy tales have a character all of their own and these stories are sure to captivate today's children as much as they enchanted Jan Pieńkowski during his childhood in Poland.

Jan created all of the pictures in this book from paper cut-outs, combining this traditional art form, which he learned as a child, with his trademark silhouette style.

David Walser wonderfully retells the Polish tales to create a magical and compelling book, featuring classic stories such as "Pan Twardowski", "The Glass Mountain", "The Wawel Dragon" and "The Fern Flower".

A River of StoriesFormat: Hardcover
Publisher: Candlewick Press
Dimensions: 246 x 203mm
Pages: 104
Retail Price: £10.99




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