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The THOUSAND NIGHTS and One NightWelcome to an ancient world of enchantment and adventure where animals talk, genies grant wishes and sorcerers and sultans rub shoulders with men.

Based on the original nineteenth-century English translation by Sir Richard Burton, David Walser retells these fantastic tales with a flourish of magic. Jan Pienkowski's exquisite silhouettes on stunning colour bring the stories vivdly to life, with silver ink printing throughout making this a truly sumptuous production of one of the oldest and best-loved story collections.

The tales include;

  • Shabrazade: The First Night

  • The Tale of Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves

  • The Tale of Aladdin's Lamp

  • The Tale of the Birds, the Beasts and the Carpenter

  • The Tale of Sinbad the Sailor

  • The Tale of the Fox and the Cock

  • The Tale of the Fisherman and the Genie

  • Shabrazade: The Last Night

illustration from The THOUSAND NIGHTS and One Night

"The Thousand Nights and One Night is a gift for the soul. In a fruitful mix of of the traditional and the comtemporary, Pienkowski abandons the marble backgrounds of his fairy tales, setting his signature silhouettes against digitally produced psychedelic backgrounds.."

Nikki Gamble - The Bookseller, 20th July 2007

Another magnificent book for this age group is The Thousand Nights And One Night by Jan Pienkowski and David Walser. Pienkowski re-ignites old favourites like Aladdin and Ali Baba with elegant silhouettes of dragons and djinns against gorgeous glowing backgrounds. Pienkowski is always a brilliant illustrator, but this book is something special.

Daily Mail , 7th December 2007

There is something about The Thousand Nights and One Night: a collection of tales from The Arabian Nights, illustrated by Jan Pienkowski and retold by David Walser, that’s appropriate for escaping those curtains-closed winter evenings. With tales such as Ali Baba and the 40 thieves, Aladdin’s lamp and Sinbad the Sailor, bursts of extravagant colour and Pienkowski’s trademark silhouettes, where sultans and genies leap across the page like shadow puppets, this gift book is like the puff of a magic carpet, as rich and enchanting as the culture it evokes.

Sally Williams - The Independent, 26th October 2007

Jan Pienkowski accompanies David Walser’s elegant retellings of stories from The Thousand Nights and One Night with detailed curlicued silhouettes, against fiery, sumptuous, patterned backgrounds in a gift edition edged with gold. The images express, most decoratively, the stories’ sensuality and violence.

Sunday Times, 2007

View Illustrations from THE THOUSAND NIGHTS and One Night

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Format: Paperback
Publisher: Puffin Books
Pages: 160
Retail Price: £9.99




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