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MEG & MOG: 4 Plays for Children

Who will you be: Meg, the witch who often casts the wrong spell; or Mog, her long suffering cat?

In these four short plays, adapted by David Wood from his own stage show and the original MEG & MOG books, there is part for everyone. And with suggestions for simple staging and costumes, everyone will want to join in! Ideal for acting out, or simply for reading aloud, these plays bring some of them most popular children's books characters to life.

Tremendous fun for readers, performers and audiences alike!

Listen to the songs from The MEG & MOG Show

View a page from MEG & MOG: 4 Plays for Children

Format: Paperback
ISBN: 0-14-036917-1
Publisher: Puffin Books
Size: 128mm x 198mm
Pages: 112
Retail Price: £3.99




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